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About ENNE

Creative Director Lucienne has established ENNE as a multimedia brand dedicated to showcasing garments, accessories, and fine art.

The title "ENNE" draws its inspiration from Lucienne's French heritage, signifying light. We embrace the conceptualization of light, both in its physical and internal manifestations, as a guiding influence in each design. In French, "ENNE" serves as a personal noun suffix, connoting the feminine equivalent of traditionally masculine terms. Lucienne's artistic endeavors are propelled by an exploration of the factors contributing to femininity and the contemporary interpretation of the feminine figure and silhouette in the realm of fashion.


Lucienne Mettam, a designer based in New York City and Washington, DC, centers her work on the nuanced realms of sensual perception and the imperceptible connections we forge with the world. Possessing a BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design in New York City, Lucienne integrates her interest in painting and poetry, coupled with an intrigue for the mind's eye, into her creative process. With a focus on print design in relation to movement, Lucienne views the human body as a canvas upon which she overlays original artwork onto dimensional fabrics, yielding distinctive garments. Through her designs in both apparel and accessories, she evokes an engagement with the questions of perception, reality, connectedness, and illusion.


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